Monachil Credit Income Fund

Last Updated 03/30/2023

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About The Fund

Investment Objective: The Fund’s investment objective is to provide investors with current income and attractive risk adjusted returns with relatively low correlation to the public equity and fixed income markets.

Principal Investment Strategies: The Fund intends to generate returns by investing across an array of credit and asset backed sectors including secured and unsecured consumer credit, small business credit, asset backed loans and leases, infrastructure contracted assets, corporate debt and pools of corporate loans as well as collateralized debt obligations, collateralized loan obligations, and obligations of US and foreign borrowers and issuers, including emerging market borrowers and issuers.

The Fund may also invest in shares of other pooled investment vehicles, including business development companies (“BDCs”) and registered investment companies. The Fund may hold such assets directly or through special purpose vehicles. See “Investment Objectives and Strategies — Investment Strategies and Overview of Investment Process.”

The Fund may seek to provide exposure to certain securities that are not freely tradable in the U.S., such as Regulation S securities, as well as certain other securities that can only be purchased or held by a non-U.S. person or where it may be advantageous for the security or asset to be purchased or held by a non-U.S. person (“other restricted non-U.S. securities”) by investing through Wolf River Cayman, Ltd. (the “Subsidiary”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fund, which will invest in such securities. The Fund applies its investment restrictions, leverage limitions, and compliance policies and procedures, on a look-through basis, to the Subsidiary. Because the Fund may invest a substantial portion of its assets in the Subsidiary, which may hold certain of the investments described in this prospectus, the Fund may be considered to be investing indirectly in those investments through its Subsidiary. Therefore, references in this prospectus to investments by the Fund also may be deemed to include the Fund’s indirect investments through the Subsidiary. The Subsidiary is advised by the Investment Manager and has the same investment objective as the Fund, and any investment management agreement between the Subsidiary and the Investment Manager will be approved in the same manner as the investment management agreement between the Fund and the Investment Manager. The Subsidiary may also hold cash and invest in other instruments, including fixed-income investments, either as investments or to serve as margin or collateral for the Subsidiary’s other investments.

Predecessor Fund: Simultaneous with the Fund beginning to accept offers to purchase Shares (“Commencement of Operations”), Wolf River INV LLC (the “Predecessor Fund”), reorganized with and transferred substantially all its assets into the Fund. The Predecessor Fund maintains an investment objective, strategies and investment policies, guidelines and restrictions that are, in all material respects, equivalent to those of the Fund. The Fund and the Predecessor Fund share the same investment adviser, Monachil Capital Partners LP (the “Investment Manager” or “Monachil”), and portfolio manager.

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Prospectus - 6/21/2021 - Monachil Credit Income Fund

Monachil Credit Income Fund - Class A


Prospectus - 6/21/2021 - Monachil Credit Income Fund

Monachil Credit Income Fund - Class I