Interval Funds

May 14. 16:31

Interval Fund Basics

Maybe you’ve never heard of an interval fund before. Maybe you’re a seasoned alternatives investor looking for a refresher. Either way -- you’ve come to the right place. Interval funds can be confusing, and we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a crash-course tour of our core informational articles to help you get up to speed:

1. What is an Interval Fund?
2. The Top Five Advantages of Interval Funds
3. Interval Fund Essentials: Buying Shares
4. Interval Fund Essentials: Selling Shares
5. Interval Fund Essentials: Fees
6. Interval Fund Essentials: Key Forms
7. Interval Fund Essentials: Taxes
8. Interval Funds vs. ETFs
9. Interval Funds vs. Closed-End Funds
10. Interval Funds vs. Hedge Funds
11. Interval Funds vs. Private Debt Funds
12. Understanding Interval Fund Liquidity
13. Interval Fund Risks