Interval Funds

Apr 14. 17:34

Thirdline Capital Management Registers the Thirdline Real Estate Income Fund

Thirdline Capital Management, LLC registered the Thirdline Real Estate Income Fund (the “Fund”) on 4/13/2021, which it will operate as a closed-end interval fund with quarterly redemptions.

According to its most recent prospectus, the Fund’s aim is to “generate current income with low volatility and low correlation to broader equity and bond markets,” with moderate, long-term capital appreciation as a secondary objective.

To accomplish this, the Fund will invest at least 80% of its assets in what it defines as “Real Estate Investments.” These investments will be spread across multiple sectors of the real estate industry, including:

· Single- and multi-family residential real estate

· Industrial properties

· Office space

· Retail properties

· Data centers and cell towers

· Self-storage

· Manufactured housing

· Undeveloped land

· Medical facilities

· Hospitality

The investments made in these sectors will either be direct holdings, or they will be one of the following:

· Common stock

· Partnership or similar interests

· Convertible or non-convertible preferred stock

· Convertible or non-convertible secured or unsecured debt issued by private real estate investment funds or trusts, ETFs, index funds, closed-end funds, and real estate-focused mutual funds.

The Fund may also originate, structure, or acquire real estate loans as part of its strategy. For the time being, the Fund's managers are offering only Shares of Beneficial Interest.

The Fund is managed by Thirdline Capital Management LLC, which was incorporated in February of 2021.

The Fund’s legal team is Practus LLP.