Our Story

We seek to provide independent, authoritative, data-driven
insights on Interval Funds.

The Platform is being developed to significantly increase awareness of and transparency within a rapidly growing investment product. We believe Interval Funds can offer considerable diversification benefits and access to uncorrelated, alternative markets to investors of all size.

The team has been researching the benefits and tradeoffs of the Interval Fund structure since mid-2013 when the product class represented less than $2.5B of net assets. While the structure has grown considerably today to over $[30]B, it remains a ‘drop-in-the-bucket’ compared to the $15T+ in retirement accounts and $6T+ deployed across the ETF universe. Interval funds represent an enormous potential opportunity to investors that we expect to increase rapidly with awareness.

A Team of

passionate individuals committed to delivering truth and transparency

Access To

reliable fund data to help investors make well-informed decisions


and insights to cultivate interest in a growing investment product

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of Interval Fund AUM and deliver a Single Source of Truth on Interval Funds and market factors. We are building a Community of well-informed investors who are comfortable and familiar with Interval Funds as a result of our transparency and insights. While interval funds have lacked dedicated media coverage, we go far below the ‘headline’ to ensure our Community is truly informed with valuable, actionable insights.

We look forward to building and maintaining your trust to help you capitalize on the expanding opportunities within the Interval Fund market.