Opportunistic Credit Interval Fund

Last Updated 04/05/2024

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About The Fund

Mount Logan registered the Opportunistic Credit Interval Fund (the "Fund") on 2/25/2022. The Fund aims to generate current income and capital appreciation via exposure to a range of credit instruments across the full credit cycle.

The strategy will allocate to private debt, structured equity, physical assets including aircraft leasing and renewable energy assets. The Fund also has a carve-out for event-driven credit, such as bridge loans and exit financing, along with stressed and distressed debt.

Notably, the Fund is the latest in a string of interval funds filed since early 2021 that plans to increase the capital available for sustainable infrastructure. The Fund plans to offer a single share class, Class I, with a $1 million initial investment.

Mount Logan Management, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian credit-focused asset manager Mount Logan Capital, with over $1.3 billion under management across its asset management and insurance businesses.

From the Fund's prospectus:

The Fund: Opportunistic Credit Interval Fund (the “Fund”) is a continuously offered, non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund is an interval fund that will offer to make quarterly repurchases of its shares at NAV.

Investment Objectives and Policies: The Fund's investment objectives are to produce current income and capital appreciation.

The Fund seeks to meet its investment objectives by investing primarily in credit-related instruments of North American and European issuers. The Fund defines credit-related instruments as debt, loans, loan participations, credit facility commitments, asset and lease pool interests, mortgage servicing rights, preferred shares, and swaps linked to credit-related instruments. The Fund’s investments will focus on privately originated credit investments as well as secondary credit investments. The Fund invests without restriction as to an instrument's maturity, structure, seniority, interest rate formula, currency; and without restriction as to issuer capitalization or credit quality. Lower credit quality debt instruments, such as leveraged loans and high yield bonds, are commonly referred to as "junk" bonds. The Fund defines junk bonds as those rated lower than Baa3 by Moody's Investors Services, Inc. ("Moody's") or lower than BBB- by Standard and Poor's Rating Group ("S&P"), or, if unrated, determined by the Adviser to be of similar credit quality.

Adviser: Mount Logan Management, LLC

Administrator: BC Partners Management, LLC

Legal Counsel: Thompson Hine LLP

Partner: JoAnn M. Strasser

Custodian: U.S. Bank, N.A.

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