Interval Funds

Aug 27. 12:54

FS Multi-Alternative Income Fund Files for Deregistration

The FS Multi-Alternative Income Fund filed for deregistration on August 27, 2021. The Fund was effective on August 2, 2019 and operated for 2+ years. 

At the time of filing, the Fund was managed by FS Multi-Alternative Advisor, LLC and had been subadvised by managers from GoldenTree, KKR, and StepStone Group. The Fund had $10.98m in total assets as of April 30, 2021, per its latest semiannual shareholder report.

Notably, the Fund listed its reason for deregistration as "Abandonment of Registration," and opted to convert to a private fund pursuant to Section 3(c)(1) of the 1940 Act. Because of the Fund's bylaws, the Board of Trustees was not required to seek shareholder approval for this conversion, even though shareholders will lose a number of protections upon conversion to a private fund.

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