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Sep 18. 12:08

Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund Files for Deregistration

The Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund filed for deregistration on September 18, 2020. The fund was Effective as of March 11, 2013 and operated for 7+ years. At the time of deregistration, the fund was managed by Resource Real Estate, LLC. The fund had a max of $405,321,715 in total assets during its existence as filed in December of 2019. The fund listed reorganization as the reason for deregistration after a board vote.

The board approved the liquidation proposal as noted in the May 5, 2020 filing:

“On December 3, 2019, at a meeting of the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Fund, the Board considered and unanimously approved an Agreement and Plan of Reorganization (the “Plan of Reorganization”) by and among the Fund, the Adviser, the Goldman Sachs Real Estate Diversified Income Fund (the “GS Real Estate Fund”) and GSAM (the investment adviser to the GS Real Estate Fund). Pursuant to the Plan of Reorganization, if various conditions are satisfied, the Fund will be reorganized into the GS Real Estate Fund, whereby the GS Real Estate Fund will receive all of the assets and assume certain stated liabilities of the Fund (the “Reorganization”). In connection with the Reorganization, each shareholder of the Fund will receive shares of the GS Real Estate Fund. The Reorganization is intended to be a tax-free transaction to shareholders. Additionally, Fund shareholders will not incur any transaction charges as a result of the Reorganization.”

The surviving fund is also a closed-end interval fund. Learn more about deregistering interval funds here.