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Sep 17. 14:26

Variant Investments, LLC Registers the Variant Impact Fund

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The Variant Impact Fund, registered on 9/13/2021, is the second-ever interval fund registered with a dedicated focus on environmental or social impact.

The Fund's primary objective is high current income, with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. The Fund will also aim to create a positive social and environmental impact by investing in opportunities that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as their own impact investing framework. Generally, these include a focus on "financial inclusion," "inclusive growth," and "responsible consumption."

The Fund will typically invest in private markets, including private credit, specialty finance, real estate equity and debt securities, education finance, infrastructure debt, renewable energy, and impact-oriented private funds. The Fund also carves out the ability to invest in publicly traded securities including REITs and ETFs.

Depending on asset allocation, the Fund could achieve a significant impact. Providing capital to build sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy systems, and sustainable agriculture, for example, could meaningfully contribute to economic decarbonization. By contrast, investing in publicly traded securities like REITs and ETFs are less likely to achieve impact because they do not provide working capital for climate- or society-related solutions.

Regardless, Portland, OR-based Variant Investments is no stranger to the potential offered by the interval fund structure. They took their inaugural interval fund (Variant Alternative Income Fund) past $1b AUM in July 2021, and registering the Variant Impact Fund further validates the ability of interval funds to provide much-needed capital for sustainable development goals.

The Variant Impact Fund does not brand itself as "ESG," only mentioning the term as a potential risk - due to the lack of a standard ESG definition - when evaluating other impact funds for investment.

The Fund's minimum initial investment is $1,000,000.